Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hello 2013!!...

What a wonderful start to 2013!
And so our incredible year of adventure comes to an end...As I write this, sat in our new flat-share in Battersea, on perhaps the most low key new year's eve I've had for about 16 years, it is hard to believe that we really did do and achieve so much in 2012, that we saw all of those incredible places and things and met all of those people...now that we are back it feels like we never left our little corner of London as we look out onto the drizzly streets outside our window. If you have been reading my blog religiously (of course you have!) then you will know that we welcomed in 2012 this time last year on the beach in Goa. It was the best night, full of fun, music, fireworks, good food and most importantly, good company, all the way from home. It was also the perfect kick start to what has been one of the most exciting years of both of our lives.  Chris discovered his love of the all things mountainy and is working hard to fulfil new ambitions of becoming a mountain guide and guru and I discovered that I was capable of much more in the physical arena than I had ever thought - skiing and mountain climbing in particular - who'd have thought I would become such a ski bunny or indeed get to the top of Kili, and who'd would have predicted that I'd enjoy it so much that many of the trekking peaks of the world have now made it onto my bucket list. Add to that, a shared love of all things beach, particularly a new found passion for surfing, and a mutual pact between the two of us that life is going to be nothing but exciting exploration from now on and it was rather a successful year...

Most importantly, our time away made me realise that I always want to look back on the year that has passed and feel that it has truly been fantastic; full of memories that I can cherish forever, full of challenges and full of discovery - life is for living, something that is hard to remember sometimes when work and the day to day gets in the way.

Chris proposing 'in front of Everest'! Tenuous but nice :)
Chris proposed to me a couple of weeks ago and topped off what has been one of the most memorable and enriching years of my life. After sharing such an intense experience together we truly know each other inside out, warts and all, and  I can honestly say I could not think of anyone I would rather spend the rest of my life with...I know that life will never be dull when we are together and that there will be so many adventures in the future that will take us, and hopefully one day our family, to far flung places and wild experiences - I can't wait. So as I say goodbye to 2012, my last year as a Smithy, I look forward to the fun and frolics that 2013 will bring...Happy New Year everyone and may it be filled with prosperity, adventure and lots and lots of laughter.

Thanks for reading this year,
The Woodsmiths!

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