Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Yes we can!

The Summit!
And we did...I'm not sure what made Chris and I decide to undertake the Kili climb. It has been on my list for a long time, we've been talking about doing a peak all year (since our Nepal trek) and we were both feeling a bit aimless. Having a focus and a challenge seemed as good a reason as any to give it a go. Plus we were there and it would seem almost rude not to!

On further  reflection, we started to worry that this decision, taken in a rum induced haze on a Belizean beach, was actually slightly rash. As we read up on the climb it became clear that people train for months beforehand, they spend thousands of pounds on the right gear for the minus thirty degree summit trek and hours researching the right route and company for them. In short, they take it pretty seriously. Here we were, rocking up to book it the day before departure with no gear, no preparation and expecting to smash it (naturally!).