Welcome to the blog of small things!

I first had the idea of setting up this blog many months ago, one wintry day in London town - partly due to the trip I was planning, and have now completed, but mostly because I was keen to write about 'things'. Things that interest me, that amuse me, that move me, that inspire me or that simply make me stop and think for a minute. We come across so many of these moments in life today that sometimes my mind feels full of thoughts that are so jumbled that I can't process them all - a blog, I thought, would give me somewhere to ponder them, share them and document them all for posterity.

The name for the blog came out of this concept but also epitomises exactly how I feel about the most important moments in life; that it is the small things that make the most impact and make living that bit more exciting and fulfilling. There are plenty of them out there – they can be anything, from a cup of tea with your grandma, to the view from the top of a mountain peak, to a song that brings back floods of memories, to meeting an eccentric, inspiring personality who enthuses you to do more with your time. Life is filled with these little moments and experiences and if we stop to recognise them for just a second I believe we will all be richer and wiser for it.

Now that I have returned from our journey around the world there will be less blogging from far flung exotic destinations (although I still hope that these will feature from time to time) and more posts from my every day life in London.I hope that you enjoy reading and would love to hear your thoughts, comments etc.

Finally, I would like to thank Claire Robinson for her help on designing this blog - Further work from Claire Robinson can be found here: www.clairerobinson.co.uk  - do check it out, she is a very talented lady! You can also find her beautiful jewellery work in the famous V&A museum in London in their permanent silver collection. It is well worth a visit.

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