Friday, 16 September 2011

First Foto Friday!

Welcome to Foto Friday!

Every Friday I will endeavour to post my favourite photograph of the week, or the one that best sums up our experiences and escapades over that time period. If I've been particularly snappy happy then you may get more than one!

We have just got back from an 8 day adventure into the Mongolian wilderness and so, this week, you have got 8 for every day on our trip. We saw so many things that I couldn't choose just one. More on these adventures to follow in another post soon.


  1. Epic. Don't show holly any of this or all house buying plans will immediately be replaced by imminent departure on Carlos.

  2. Amazing! Can you bring me a big fluffy camel (or whatever that is you are riding on) home? dx

  3. Claire Robinson17/09/2011, 08:33

    that looks fantastic, more photos can never have enough of them!!!!!! looking forward to your blog about it. do you recommend it for a 50th!!xxclaire

  4. Already seen, don't worry Nicko we can go post house renovations. Looks stunning ems, awesome pics. I was in a Mongolian yurt full of Mongolian furniture last night thinking of yous x

  5. Grandjacquet@ail.com18/09/2011, 20:53

    Wonderful photos - give a great sense of the wide open spaces and frosty fir trees already in September - Skype soon, love mum xx